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Welcome to Powercheck. This map provides the most up to date information available on how our teams are responding and repairing power cuts across Northern Ireland. It displays faults affecting ten or more properties. Zoom in and select the closest fault pin to get more information on your fault. Can’t see your power cut? Report a Power Cut

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There are no active alerts at present.

There are a number of reasons your power cut may not be displayed:

  1. It has not been reported - You can report a power cut online or via our customer helpline 03457 64364303457 643643
  2. The problem may be resolved - When power is back on, the pin is removed from the map.
  3. The map only displays power cuts affecting more than ten properties.

Please note: pins provide an indicative power cut area but do not identify individual properties affected. The pin for your power cut could appear to be at some distance from your property.